Browse my portfolio, then get in touch with me . Multimedia Projects I am a graduate student in the /Multimedia Journalism/ track at the /University of South Florida/ in Tampa. One of the first multimedia contents I produced as part of a class project is about volunteersí efforts to save Brown Pelicans hooked on fishing lines on the Skyway Bridge. One of my other passions is to document the lives of disadvantaged people in my community. Happy Workers Childrenís Center is one of the oldest daycare centers in St. Petersburg. This center has a special curriculum that focuses on lessons of justice, peace, sustaining of the earth, and green practices. So it may not come as a surprise that there is a waiting list at Happy Workers Childrens' Center. What is less obvious, though, is the fact that the center strives to make its services affordable for any family that wants to send a child there. It is hard to measure the difference my stories make. But I wish that they make a difference. Learn About My Multimedia Projects Photography My passion is visual communication. I love to tell the truth through moving or still images. I believe that photography is the best medium for self awareness. See My Photography Articles My work has been published in various media outlets, inlcuding the /St. Petersburg Times, TBO, WMNF/ and/WUSF./ My articles have been published in the St. Petersburg Times, TBO, WMNF and WUSF. Read My Articles Video My real-life experience in video journalism began during my summer internship at /FOX13/ /WTVT Broadcast /in 2009. Watch My Videos Radio I have been a reporter at /WMNF 88.5 FM/ since October 2008. I am thrilled that this media organization has embraced multimedia reporting and social media. Hear My Radio Pieces