Multimedia Projects

Only the very best multimedia stories are worth YOUR CLICK. I am working toward that goal...    It is hard to measure the difference my stories make. But I feel I make a difference.


Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary’s Skyway Project

Since 2007, I am a graduate student in the Multimedia Journalism track at University of South Florida’s School of Mass Communications in Tampa. One of the first multimedia contents I produced as part of a class project is about volunteers’ efforts to save Brown Pelicans hooked on fishing lines on the Skyway Bridge.

Happy Worker's Childrens Center - A Daycare for Low Income Families

Happy Workers Children’s Center is one of the oldest daycare centers in St. Petersburg with a special curriculum that focuses on lessons of justice, peace, earth sustaining, and green practices. So it may not come as a surprise that there is a waiting list at Happy Workers Children’s Center. What is less obvious, though, is the fact that the center strives to make its services affordable for any family that wants to send a child there. And as a result, the lessons are top quality – but the facilities have suffered. "We have been an institution for over 80 years," said Leigh Gale, director of development. And after being around for that long, there is sore need of a new facility.

Human Rights Activist Winnie Foster

I love to document the lives of everyday people doing extraordinary things. Human rights activist Winnie Foster is a special person.